Do not forget the heart of the first half of the year, work together to win the future" 2017 Huangye Food New Year Group meeting

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2017/02/25 11:57
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The 2017 Spring Festival New Year Group, with the theme of “Don't Forget the Heart of the Year, Join Hands to Win the Future”, was held on January 20th at the Tongcheng International Hotel in Yiyang City. Chairman of the company Zhang Gangqiang, director Liu Jian, Zhong Faping, general manager He Guanghua, company executives and more than 800 employees, dealers and suppliers representatives gathered together to celebrate the New Year.
Zhang Gangqiang delivered a warm speech and sent a New Year greeting. He said, I sincerely thank all the friends, distributors, suppliers and other friends who have worked hard for the development of the company in the past year. Emperor Food will adhere to the core values ​​of “Dedication, Gratefulness” and return to society as always.
A group of advanced teams and individuals and business projects were commended: Peng Sheng and other 3 people were rated as “Best Managers”, Zhang Liping was rated as “Model Supervisor”, and Wan Lingbo and others were rated as “Advanced Individuals”. "Ouyang Shengjun and other 2 people won the "Excellent Performance Award", 19 employees including Zhang Xinlin won the "Senior Staff Award"; the Audit Department won the "Best Cooperation Award", and the 4th Branch won the "Best Efficiency Award", Xiangbei University The district won the “Best Contribution Award”; 12 projects such as “Two-Dimensional Code Import Scheme” won the “Innovation Award”.
During the annual meeting, Chen Dan, secretary of the Ziyang District Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yiyang City, accepted 200 donations from the company on behalf of 200 poor students.
The cheongsam show performed by the institute opened the prelude to the party. The arrival of Hunan native laughter Yang Lan has added humor and humor to the party. The songs of the karaoke champion and runner-up, the hilarious comedy essay "Qin Xianglian's confession", the unique mime "Tudor and Local Hero II" and other self-produced programs, won the audience a burst of applause. The five rounds of lucky draws have brought the atmosphere to a climax. More than 1,500 prizes such as gold necklaces, notebooks and TV sets have sparked the joy of the annual meeting participants. The whole annual meeting is full of festive and auspicious atmosphere.