Hunan will re-run the non-legacy photography exhibition, and the famous betel nut brand will be crowned. The truth is...

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2017/03/31 11:22
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In 2016, “Zhangxinfa Betel Nut Production Skills” was included in the fourth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage by the provincial people's government, and this honor is the only one in the betel nut industry.
On March 31, Liang Xiangdong, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Cultural Center, and Xiang Xiang, deputy director of the Xiangtan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Sports, He Dongan, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Photographers Association, and Wang Hao, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Institute of Non-legacy Protection, Xiangtan City Shen Caiyun, deputy director of the Protection Center, and other relevant departments visited Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd., and Huang Qiang, deputy general manager of the marketing system, negotiated on the work of the 3rd Lake South Africa Material and Cultural Heritage Photography Exhibition of Zhang Xinfa Cup. The relevant person in charge participated.
This non-legacy photography exhibition was supported by Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd., which reflects the social responsibility of our company for public welfare. Through this "Zhang Xinfa" Cup non-legacy photography exhibition, the distance between the citizens and the non-legacy culture has been brought closer, and the art platform for photographers to enter the non-legacy has been provided, which has further demonstrated the rich history and culture of the Hunan national people.
The non-legacy photo exhibition was hosted by Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. and other related units, Xiangtan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Xiangtan Sports Broadcasting and Press Bureau.
Call for papers: June 10, 2017 - December 30, 2017.
After the meeting, all the guests visited the company's cultural corridor, and the betel nut culture once again caught everyone's attention and highly praised the company's rapid development.
Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd.
Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd.